CLASSIC MIRROR 50 x 140 x 5,5 cm

Vendor: TaRama ©

Vertical, handcrafted, slender mirror, perfect for hallways or walk-in wardrobes.

Frame made of high-quality solid wood, decorated with proprietary, engraved pattern referring to subtle classics. Finished with matte, transparent, eco varnish.

Characteristics of the mirror, especially low profile of the frame and its fixing system, ensure excellent adhesion to the wall and provide subtle, elegant look.

Backside of the mirror has been secured with high-quality, damp-proof plywood and solid hinges, allowing quick and easy assembly.

Dedicated set of wall mounting fittings is included - to help you save some time and trouble ;)

The Classic Collection was designed for oak wood with black engraving. Other engraving colors and wood types combinations are made to order and for that reason they are not refundable.


50 cm
Height:140 cm
Depth:1,8 cm
Frame size:5,5 cm
Pane size:39 x 129 cm
Weight:8,5 kg

available delivery options *

STANDARDUp to 15 working days30 EUR
EXPRESSUp to 10 working days35 EUR

* you can choose options when placing an order

available engraving colors *

deep black
(NCS S 9000-N)
NCS S 9000-N
steel blue
(NCS S 5020-B)
NCS S 5020-B
dull red
(NCS S 4040-R)
NCS S 4040-R
dull green
(NCS S 5030-G30Y)
NCS S 5030-G30Y

deep black
(NCS S 9000-N)
NCS S 9000-N
light turquoise
(NCS S 3040-B10G)
NCS S 3040-B10G
pure red
(NCS S 2070-Y90R)
NCS S 2070-Y90R
linen white
(NCS S 0300-N)
NCS S 0300-N

* you can pick your color from the drop-down menu above

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