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TaRama ©  is a modern company that combines sublime beauty, timeless craftsmanship with traditional materials and contemporary, unique design. We want our remarkable products to bring grace and subtle individuality to our client's homes. We hope that they will help to create a tasteful interior, full of informal elegance and modern twist.

We find inspiration in surrounding beauty, nature, architecture and music. Our passion for travelling become at the same time an “ideas mine” and nutrient for imagination. We are watchful observers and we are attracted by the unique details of the world around us, and all our passions and talents have a real influence on the products that we design and manufacture.

We put our hearts in the process of creating - since, we create eye-catchin but at the same time full of subtleties, elegant in form and durable. We rely on natural and ecological materials. We believe that the combination of traditional materials and a pinch of modern technology creates the most compelling products. We also know that only the work of human hands brings everyday items to life. We challenge ourselves – to restore the style,  finesse and the ambience to the home environment - and these values can only be found in interiors decorated with passion.

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