All products created in our studio are mostly crafted and finished by hand, with great care for precision of workmanship and high aesthetics. Each product manufactured by our company, repeatedly passes through human hands - according to the company's philosophy, we believe that only hand-made products have a unique character and unique beauty.


TaRama© pays a lot of attention to the quality of materials from which our products are made. We rely on carefully selected species of 1st class wood. Adhesives, varnishes and other raw materials used to finishing, are ecological, completely safe and do not contain any harmful ingredients. At the same time, they have been selected to guarantee the highest quality and perfect aesthetic features.


Each mirror sent by us, is exceptionally well protected and prepared for transport. Shipments are protected by carefully selected packaging made of thick cardboard and necessary fillings (resistant foams and foamed polystyrene) to secure the item. The whole parcel is packed "rigidly", thus the contents of the package are immobilized. All our products are shipped with the obligatory manual sorting service, which is why they almost always reach the recipient in excellent condition. In addition, we use the services of the most reliable courier companies to guarantee safe delivery and very high standards of services.

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